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Pot Materials:

Cheap plastic pots may deteriorate in UV sunlight and terracotta pots dry out rapidly. Glazed ceramic pots are excellent choices but require several drainage holes.
Wood has good water retention capacity. Hard woods are better against rot. Redwood and cedar are relatively rot resistant and can be used without staining or painting.All wood planters can be treated with preservatives. Avoid wood treated with creosote, penta or other toxic compounds since the vapors can damage the plants. As it shrinks and expands with moisture go for good construction and joints. Don’t put wooden containers directly on the ground.. One advantage of wooden containers is that they can be built to sizes and shapes that suit the location.
Generally heavy, so they are excellent for stabilizing tall plantings. They don't dry out, but they heat up and so need frequent watering or the roots could bake. It is a goodchoice for winter containers. Fiberglass and resin: it gives the look of a natural feeling and so can easily fool the eye especially as they age. They are light, durable, inexpensive and often frost-resistant.
Lightweight and moisture conserving. The semi-flexible pots work best for cold winters and are also good as liners. Plant directly into the plastic pot and then slip the plastic pot into the more decorative container. You get the benefits of both.
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Watering: If it is not probable to water the plants regularly then select a pot having a drip tray or a reservoir so that it can be filled from the bottom and soak up water as needed. Once a plant has been harassed from lack of water, it may never recover.

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